Tragic Kiss Charlotte

Tragic Kiss Charlotte

Above: the Tragic Kiss Charlotte Spade of Hearts Set.

“We want to build that cult following of lingerie addicts who also love a good story.” – Zia Islam, Tragic Kiss.

Storytelling breeds emotion and Tragic Kiss wants you to not only wear luxurious lingerie, but also to immerse yourself in their world of complex characters that inspired their collections. As Zia Islam, the brand’s founder and creative director said, “We want to build that cult following of lingerie addicts who also love a good story.”

Charlotte, Chapter 1.

Bootlegging during prohibition in the small southern country town of Austin, Charlotte is enamored by the era of her time and can’t help but feel that she’s missing her calling. Her courage and sense of adventure grows wilder as she sees a familiar face, a WWI veteran returning home from Paris.

Since its launch last year, the brand’s first three styles (Raven, Gwendolyn and V.) are selling at prime retail locations, and Tragic Kiss is launching their latest style — Charlotte — within the next few weeks. The final two styles are scheduled to be available in early 2016.

Tragic Kiss Charlotte Bra

CHARLOTTE | spade of hearts

“Forgotten by time itself, this vintage-inspired ensemble resurrects the decadence of the 20’s era long past,” says Zia of the new style. “Recklessly dance to hedonistic tunes and gamble your love away in the beautifully embroidered Spade of Hearts.”

The set comes with a three-quarters bra, panty, high-waist garter, Charlotte chapter 1, metal bookmark, and keepsake box.

Tragic Kiss Charlotte Panty

See Tragic Kiss at CURVENY and CURVE Las Vegas February 2016.

“Tragic Kiss aims to seamlessly blend Fashion and Fiction to create a whole new experience for lovers of luxury lingerie.”

Some of the first to experience Tragic Kiss’ latest character and collection — Charlotte — are visitors to CURVENY and CURVE Las Vegas next month.

Each Tragic Kiss style is inspired by one of six fictional characters – flawed yet powerful women whose lives are explored through chapters narrating their transgressions, challenges, and experiences through womanhood.

Tragic Kiss Charlotte Cincher close up

Above: Tragic Kiss Charlotte Cincher close up.

“We use storytelling to engage with our customers on a deep emotional level. We’re telling compelling, short stories of women during key geo-political situations,” said Zia.

Several of the stories will span the course of a decade, so readers will be able to experience the evolution of the character over time, and hopefully nostalgically relate to themselves.

“They are authentic, raw, real, and sometimes abrasive, as love and life usually are. Some kisses can be tragic, right?”


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