Trend Towards Wellnesswear

Trend Towards Wellnesswear

by Erin Harris, Founder and CEO of Intimatology.

It’s pretty amazing to see how technology is impacting activewear, especially over the past couple of years. For the longest time, the most important innovations in bra technology (active or otherwise) originated in the different materials and components that make up the structure of a bra.

Though there are incredible developments that continue to happen in textiles, what we’re seeing now is something quite new and revolutionary. I have yet to try these new high tech bras out for myself but I believe that the women who wear them are finding them beneficial. We are in the early stages of these technology advances and we’re already seeing bras that remind you to breathe deeply when your stress levels are heightened or provide gentle reminders to correct your posture.

Trend Towards Wellnesswear

These small actions and posture changes are actually quite beneficial. Sitting or standing up straighter provides an instantaneous confidence boost and breathing deeply instantly causes a calming effect. It’s all really exciting to me.

We are just beginning to explore the possibilities of combining wearable tech and intimate apparel. I believe we’ll see a big trend towards wellnesswear as machine learning models improve and more data is compiled. There’s fascinating research and technology developments that will allow the detection of subtle patterns associated with developing medical conditions, providing early warning signs or heart disease and other health conditions (

Intimates + Tech = Innovation

Trend Towards Wellnesswear

These bras with heart rate monitors will not only be a useful addition to fitness but also a valuable tool for wellness and healthy living. In the next few years I expect we will be using big data to reveal patterns and insights in health and wellbeing all while these high tech components get less bulky, more flexible and completely waterproof.

More long-term, I’m particularly interested and excited about the research coming from BRA (Breast Research Australia). They are making great advances in fiber, artificial muscle technology as well as personalized fit and incorporating all of these advancements into something absolutely revolutionary.

The bionic technology they are working on has the potential to change not only the activewear industry, but will have applications and crossover in many other industries. Imagine how this could completely transform and improve the lives of the 80-85% of women who wear the wrong size bra.

Here’s a link to view more about this amazing technology: and the video below:

BRA is working on a number of technological developments including combinations of fibers, weaves and conductive materials that can actually respond and tighten up on its own to give you the support you need when you need it.

This will also work in the opposite direction, to loosen and relax fit when you aren’t moving or working so hard. Theoretically a bra with this technology will conform to the wearer, removing the possibility of improper fit.

Looking Towards the Future

Trend Towards Wellnesswear

Technology like this will one day be applied to everyday bras and then expanded even further to provide better fit in every fashion category.

I imagine it to be similar to how spandex changed the textile and fashion industries, but this is the next generation.

Trend Towards Wellnesswear

When it comes to sports bras, we have it so much better than those from previous generations. Previous generations didn’t have much of a choice. They were often uncomfortable, and they didn’t really do sports.

Sports bras didn’t even exist until 1975. We’ve come a long way since the first sports bra, however, continued research and innovation in sports bra technology is necessary because there’s still so much room for improvement. Only 15-20% of all women wear bras that fit correctly.

We deserve better choices, and they’re within our reach.

Erin Harris, Founder and CEO of Intimatology

Erin Harris is a designer, marketer, writer and content creator. She is CEO and founder of both Intimatology, a boutique creative agencies that provide strategic marketing and creative services in Montclair, NJ. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur she has worked with businesses of every and is dedicated to the success of the people and organizations she serves. Erin can be reached at or 973-241-7440.

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