Twisted Sisters SS13

Twisted Nights

1.Inherently seductive
2.Irresistibly attractive
3.Show-stoppingly sophisticated and charming

Whichever definition you choose, Maria Mak’s SS13 collection for Twisted Sisters is the epitome of the word glamorous.

The debut lingerie collection, Twisted Nights, is a tribute the brand’s name, Twisted Sisters, which is derived from the idea of having each piece feature a distinct “twist”. For this collection, it is the quirky lace insets and splashes of color that make the pieces stand out.

The Canadian designer sought to fulfill women’s dreams of feeling sexy and elegant by crafting a line specializing in silk and lace gowns. Each piece is cut to perfection and hangs from the body with utter grace. While the word sophisticated usually lends itself to describing outfits in deeper hues the pops of lime, coral, and turquoise have us backtracking and allowing for typical connotations to be pushed aside.

Twisted Nights

This little number has us doing a double take. There is simply so much going on that is just so right. The black lace halter top reveals the perfect amount of skin while the metallic flecked lace skirt is so stunning we couldn’t help but contemplate all the ways to wear it out of the bedroom. A reverse twist for you, sleepwear that can transition from night to day. Throw a slip underneath and take a look in the mirror. It’s a guarantee you look amazing.









Twisted Nights

This strapless gown is a tumbling cascade of turquoise lace; a sheer sheet of icy wonder. The over all effect is breathtaking, drawing on an element of fantasy. Etherial is the first word poised on our lips to describe this piece, but sultry is closely followed. Funny how turquoise isn’t typically associated with sultry. So why not sheath your body in lace and transform yourself into a heavenly maiden in the process.









Twisted Nights

This night set looks as if it was drenched in the rays of the setting sun. The peachy orange hues project a feeling of somber serenity. Lacy details on the straps and bottoms add a feminine touch to the look. A great set for anyone wanting to feel simply beautiful.











Twisted Nights

What better way to bring playfulness into the mix than to include a coral playsuit in the collection? This piece begs to be worn a multitude of ways whether at home for a blissful romance or layered under a skirt or jeans to complete a fashionable ensemble. The wide boat neck draws attention to the neck and collarbones in a manner that makes the wearer subtly but notably irresistible.









Twisted Nights

We are taken aback by the stunning reverse crop of the top to this lime shorts set. Standing from the front this set is gorgeous, but turn to the side and the power of a little skin works its magic. These pieces work in harmony to accentuate all the right features of the body. By wearing this top you show off the sloped arch of your back while the citrine lace inset mini shorts hug your hips in just the right way.










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