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Two Figs. The first thought that enters my head is that of Adam and Eve and the idea that the earliest forms of intimates were organic, natural, and beautiful. The truth is that the metaphorical use of figs in art serves a very different purpose – to hide and cover up.

So it’s nice to see a sleepwear company like Two Figs embrace the name to show off their beautifully designed sleepwear creations. Their choice of fabrics, well placed laces and artistic silhouettes entice the eyes, senses and celebrate the female form.

Founder Deb Figge had longed for a loungewear/sleepwear product to fit the woman with a small back and larger cups. The preferred garment would offer support, but not be constricting. As a fitter in a high-end boutique, she would (for years) find the same longing in other customers of all ages. Finally, in 2010, she decided to take matters in her own hands.

“The Two Figs approach is purely sized based, and we maintain that our age demographic is 18-80. We really believe that it is every woman’s right to feel gorgeous from morning to night, and vice versa.”

Her luxury sleepwear line is composed of four distinct silhouettes available in camisoles, chemises and gowns as well as matching bottoms.

Advantages to the line, noted the company, include the fact that the sizing offers retailers the opportunity to fit more customers with less inventory as each silhouette is designed to support at least 16 different bra sizes.

Two Figs currently has 13 pieces available in black, white and indigo: Triangle Camisole, Triangle Chemise, Triangle Gown, Shelf Camisole, Shelf Chemise, Shelf Gown, Halter Chemise, Halter Gown, Empire Camisole, Empire Chemise, Empire Gown, and Pant Short.

Many of the styles can be seen in our video.

If you’d like to see more of their collection, visit them online at or contact the company at:

Two Figs
855 Folsom Street
Number 718
San Francisco, CA 94107
415-754-3447 main
415-869-3935 fax

8 Comments on “Two Figs Luxury Sleepwear

  1. Avatar Leslie says:

    I have been wearing Two Figs for about a year now. I love the whole collection.

  2. Avatar Amanda says:

    I received a Two Figs nightgown as a wedding gift. My partner purchased a camisole for me and we both love it!!

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  5. Avatar jacquelyn says:

    Trying to buy one of the nightgowns but can’t find a site online to purchase a two figs nightgown. Where do I go to buy one?

  6. Avatar deb figge says:

    Hi Jacquelyn! I’d be happy to ship to you directly! Feel free to give me a call and we can do a sizing consultation over the phone..
    deb. 415 279 7158

  7. Avatar Sherrie says:

    I love in Montreal Canada, and have a very hard time finding beautiful, sexy sleepwear for my DD bust and smaller frame, I see great reviews about two figs, but see you cannot shop online?

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