Tyes by Tara Heads to Lingerie Selection

Tyes by Tara Madame Tyecuffs

Sensual elastic cuffs and flirtatious jewelry are the type of accessories that pair nicely with lingerie. They’re also the type of impulse buys retailers love on their counters or online as a suggested shopping cart add-on.

At this summer’s Lingerie Selection, buyers have a chance to meet designer Tara Christine Stravinsky and discover her erotic accessories brand, tyes.by.tara. Every piece Tara crafts is made to highlight a woman’s feminine features and is designed around the brand’s signature bow “tye”.

The inspiration behind the look stems from an unlikely source — menswear.

Tyes by Tara Spotlight

“I was at a Halloween party as a naughty school girl and loved the necktie that I was wearing so much that I wore it into the office the next day. I remember thinking all day where I could get more like it and what styles I wanted,” explains Tara. “But after searching and searching and searching with no luck I decided to hand make the designs I wanted. And at this moment, I saw the potential to create traditional menswear pieces suitable for women for everyday (or night) wear.”

Today, her collection ranges from the whimsical (Tyearas) to the sensual (nyptyes) and includes jewelry, intimates and pieces perfect for bridal.

tyes.by.tara Confessions Gift Set Available

Earlier this year, tyes.by.tara showcased her latest creations like the Eve Tyera at G Boutique in Chicago during a special pop up.

“Reaction was very positive. Tara’s product is a perfect fit for G Boutique,” said G boutique’s co-owner, Cheryl Sloane. “From design to packaging, to price point, our customers have a positive reaction to tyes.by.tara.”

The tyes.by.tara collection makes its debut August 8 – 9, 2017 at the Lingerie Selection (Daylight Studios in New York City; 450 West 31st Street, 8th Floor).

Learn more about tyes.by.tara

Website: tyesbytara.com
Email: tara@tyesbytara.com

Learn more about the Lingerie Selection

Website: thelingerieselection.com
Contact: info@thelingerieselection.com

About the Lingerie Selection

The Lingerie Selection is an exclusive trade experience showcasing a select group of luxury lingerie, loungewear and accessories brands at Daylight Studios in Chelsea.

The Lingerie Selection offers buyers a diverse, luxurious, high-quality selection of brands unmatched elsewhere in the industry. Through a beautiful, serene atmosphere, physical events, digital communication, and a personal touch, The Lingerie Selection presents a new, highly differentiated approach to market. Conveniently located a stone’s throw from The Javits Center, The Lingerie Selection will run from Tuesday, August 8th through Wednesday, August 9th, from 10am-6pm daily.

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