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“I love helping women find innovative ways to bring out their femininity through style.” - Tara Christine Stravinsky, tyes.by.tara.

Today, we’re sharing with our readers how Tara Christine Stravinsky started her brand, tyes.by.tara, a flirtatiously feminine jewelry & accessory brand that inspires confidence, independence & femininity. Inspired by creativity and fueled by a passion to create, Tara shares her story in this intimate Q&A:

Tara, I’m hoping you could give our readers who might not be familiar with your brand a little insight into what tyes.by.tara is all about?

tyes.by.tara’s mission is to help women look and feel more feminine, independent and confident and do this by designing creating jewelry, accessories and intimate items that highlight her feminine features.

What was the spark of inspiration that launched your collection?

I was at a Halloween party as a naughty school girl and loved the necktie that I was wearing so much that I wore it into the office the next day. I remember thinking all day where I could get more like it and what styles I wanted. But after searching and searching and searching with no luck I decided to hand make the designs I wanted. And at this moment, I saw the potential to create traditional menswear pieces suitable for women for everyday (or night) wear.

Since your launch, you’ve expanded into a variety of categories like Bridal and Jewelry. What inspires you to keep creating?

It’s passion. I love helping women find innovative ways to bring out their femininity through style. Whether it’s a everyday bracelet or a leg garter on her wedding day, I enjoy celebrating femininity and finding stylish ways to do so.

There are some beautiful Intimates pieces like the Bodtyes. Could you give us some insight into how the idea for Bodtyes started?

Thank you!! I was playing with bratyes for a very long time but nothing seemed to be working. There are so many sizing factors and variations that go into bras and it was proving to be very challenging. So one day, out of frustration, I decided to design around the chest and play more with the torso region the Bodtye was born.

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There’s some great packaging that make tyes.by.tara easily merchandisable. Could you give us an overview of what’s available to retailers?

Each item comes merchandised in a clear top box with a high impact graphic so that each design tells a little story to engage the customers imagination. They can be hung or merchandised on our custom Point of Sale displays with just debuted to retailers this September. I design each product’s packaging so I try to make it spark a conversion between the retailer and the customer to encourage conversation and ultimately conversion.

Love the blog on your site! Could you tell us why you decided to add the blog? What would you say your blog’s voice and purpose is?

Thank you!! I remember my very first website I had a “Diary” page where I kept all my progress with retailers, designs and events. This naturally evolved into the Get Tyed Blog today where I like to write about music events, new designs and make playlists for visitors to listen to. The purpose of my blog is to show visitors a little more of Tara and not focus on products all the time but to help build a lifestyle around it. I like to keep the voice flirty and fun.

What do you have planned for 2016? Any shows and events your planning on attending or putting on?

I had a little collection of beauty products back in 2012 that I am currently working on re-launching in 2016. I will be back at the International Lingerie Show in April 2016 as well as the Bridal Show in Chicago in September.

For our readers who want to learn more or get in touch, where should we point them to?

Please check out my website www.tyesbytara.com or email me at [email protected].

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