How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Brand Image

How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Brand Image

“From sensual to seductive, visual brand imaging is key to drawing e-commerce sales from your target audience.”

The lingerie industry walks the line between high fashion and raw sexuality. Businesses that market intimate apparel need to set the tone for the brand. From sensual to seductive, visual brand imaging is key to drawing e-commerce sales from your target audience. Integrated marketing using Pinterest is an effective and inexpensive way to create exposure for your brand image and get in front of a huge audience—and potentially, new customers.

Visual Impact

Lingerie is a visual medium. Most people do not wear intimate apparel to bed because it is comfortable. They do it because it sends a visual representation of a sensual story or a subtle invitation to a night of intimacy. Lingerie marketing begs to be just as visual. Research into eye movement and marketing found that people scan images from the headlines first. This scanpath changed after the viewer was engaged in the brand. Applying this data to your Pinterest page, place high-impact images at the top center of the screen and draw the eye down the middle with brand recognition images.

A Question of Quality

Research suggests that fashion advertising differs from general advertising in that fashion advertising has a more conceptual message and is less linked to context. To maintain your contextual link to a tasteful brand reputation, use high-quality visuals not only from your product image gallery but also stock photos you would find on sites such as Shutterstock. Artistic photos give your Pinterest boards an elegant appearance, distinguishing sensuality from sexuality.

Social Integration

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are three out of the top four most popular social media sites, with LinkedIn taking the third spot with its business emphasis. This triumvirate makes up a solid social media integrated marketing platform. Integrated marketing is a strategy that stresses the idea of a multidimensional, multichannel experience for the customer. All of your marketing messages need to link, expanding on one another. Set up your Pinterest account so that it automatically posts to Facebook and Twitter. Use the Facebook feed to develop your image’s message.

Speak to Gender

Your Pinterest boards may be viewed differently depending on gender. To speak to a wide audience, keep your marketing message at the forefront. Paint a picture that will attract everyone and organize your images so that they tell a story.

Importance of Speed

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network of the last few years. Part of its appeal is that images are easily shareable. The platform enables “pinners” to use it as an organizational system. Users pin recipes, motivational memes and vacation opportunities for later use. Design your board so that users can pin your lingerie items and get back to them as the mood strikes. This gives a longitudinal component to your Pinterest marketing campaign. Use the other social media platforms to remind your users of their pins.

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