Watch Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Video

Above: the Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Video.

“The ease and elegance of Vanilla Night & Day’s collection resounds with the viewer in every frame.”

Take a peek behind the curtain with the newest video from buzzy-worthy lingerie brand, Vanilla Night & Day. Shot in the Masuria region of Poland, this behind-the-scenes video captures the photoshoot from their upcoming AW17 collection.

The brand’s founder and designer, Kasia Pastwa picked one of the villas of the historic Siedlisko hotel as the shoot’s setting for its rich history and picturesque views of the Wzgórza Dylewskie hills. Their founder and designer, Kasia Pastwa, explains, “…this place is as flawless as our Vanilla women!”.

The use of video has become a necessity for lingerie brands. Fan interaction is essential in this day and age of social media. Everyone wants to see the excitement of a photo shoot and all the hard work and vision that goes into creating an editorial photo shoot. The flash of the camera, the bustling makeup artists, and the reviewing of images, really makes you feel like you’re in the midst of the wonderful chaos that is a lingerie photoshoot!

Above: Behind the Scenes at the Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Video and Photoshoot.

“Everyone may be working but the glamour of the shoot makes it feel like a decadent afternoon in the beautiful hills of Europe.”

This video also shows the collection in a more natural way (that is, without Photoshop). Customers can see the lingerie up close, the fit on the model and the way it moves.

This is always appreciated when most product images available to shoppers are plain flat lay e-commerce photos. These videos also help share the core vision of these brands and their aesthetic. No brand knows this more than Vanilla Night & Day. Kasia hopes their brand encourages their customers “…to enjoy the moment and celebrate the life in the simplest ways!”.

Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Collection

The ease and elegance of Vanilla Night & Day’s collection resounds with the viewer in every frame. The beautiful fabrics, setting and lighting all work together to give the photo shoot a spa-like sanctuary feel. Their AW17 collection includes, “…novelty influenced pajamas, chemises, nightdresses and robes”. The designer created this collection to “…show the power of delicacy” with “…shimmering viscose, soft knits and velvet fabrics” that spotlight “…the sensual side of the Vanilla woman”.

No woman exemplifies this more than their fashion model, Natalia Wowczko. This New York City based Polish model poses with the grace of a spring goddess. With an easy smile and beautiful bone structure, she reminds the viewer of that old Audrey Hepburn quote, “…happy girls are the prettiest”. It also helped that Natalia was in love with their new AW17 collection. She confided to the designer, Kasia, that she was “…thrilled by the quality and design of new collection and so happy that Vanilla Night & Day will be available in New York”!

Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Collection

“These designs are wearable but they are anything but ‘vanilla’, if you excuse the pun.”

Similar to Natalia, the Vanilla Night & Day girl is happy, natural beauty, who believes that home is where your heart is; a bold rebellion when the fashion world demands that your model be angry, edgy and certainly unrelatable. With ten years in the lingerie industry, It’s clear that the voice of Vanilla Night & Day was needed and appreciated.

This completely new collection includes a complex seasonal color story that embraces three key seasonal shifts; the autumn fall, the winds of winter and the emergence of spring. AW17 from Vanilla Night & Day offers pastels in Powder Pink, Ecru and Frost Blue. On the darker, more mysterious side of the line, the new autumn/winter collection features Grey, Black, Navy Blue, Ruby, Bottle Green and a sensual Deep Red.

Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Video

While delicate, these feminine designs with a hint of modernity also play up the gender neutral theme. AW17 from Vanilla Night & Day is a rich collection of opposing ideals; modern and traditional, feminine and masculine, pastels and dark hues. This collage of aesthetics works to evoke a multilayer tribute to the fall, winter and early spring seasons.

Vanilla Night & Day creates intimates to make women feel magical and beautiful every single day. These designs are wearable but they are anything but ‘vanilla’, if you excuse the pun. Vanilla Night & Day is a worthy addition to any lingerie lover’s closet and can be enjoyed for years to come as they are constructed with the highest quality of fabric, perfect finishing and top workmanship.

See Vanilla Night & Day at CURVENEWYORK

Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Collection
This February/March, this European designed and manufactured brand will be attending one of the biggest lingerie tradeshows, CURVENEWYORK.

If this video has peaked your interest, be sure to stop by to see their delicates in person. If you won’t be able to attend, fear not, their designer promises more beautiful Vanilla Night & Day lingerie videos to come!

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Beyond the Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Video

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