Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Collection

Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Collection

the Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Collection will be at CURVENEWYORK in February 2017.

“This is the story written every day and every night by thousands of women. The story about flawless beauty and celebration of the pleasure of sleep.”

For 10 years, Vanilla night&day have dedicated themselves to women all over the world. Women with strong expectations who demand the highest quality of fabric, unique design, perfect finishing and top workmanship. Women, who love extremely magical and sensual clothes. The place of action is a historic manufactory in the heart of Poland and it all starts right here.

“This is the place of design, cutting and sewing and where the magic is created. Understated elegance constructed with on-trend concepts in mind, are played out on premier textiles with a panoramic colour palette that work singularly or in tandem,” says the brand.

Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Collection

The latest chapter for this story of beauty is the Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection – a completely new edition of the brand. The color palette embraces three main spectrums, the autumn fall, the wind through the cold season and the preparation for the emergence of spring and a whole new beginning.

The collection, offering Pastels in Powder Pink, Ecru and Frost Blue and the Nocturnal element offering Grey and Black, Navy Blue, Ruby, Bottle Green and Deep Red all come together to create the extensive color palette with design concepts for an all-encompassing collection with exponential wardrobe options over the Autumn/Winter period

Inherently feminine but with a hint of modernity entwined, novelty influenced pajamas, chemises, nightdresses and robes play up the gender neutral theme but shimmering viscose, soft knits and velvet fabrics play to the sensual side of the Vanilla woman.

Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Collection

With dreamy notions of cosy nights by a roaring log fire, Autumn/Winter romanticizes what can, at times, be a desolate season, through the use of luxury laces, flattering, feminine cuts and rich variety of colour balanced with the softer touch of pastels.

Ever inspired by the hand of nature, the brand has called on the unique facets of the autumnal and wintry seasons to evoke the multilayer tribute to this time of year.

“When we start to work on the collection we are at the peak of summer. Therefore, moving to the winter days becomes extremely magical and sensual,” says Vanilla night&day owner Kasia Pastwa. “I do not suffer a physical chill but in my mind I have only beautiful images of winter landscapes.”

The Winter collection is a delightful diametric story of the complementary relationship between light and dark and there are many nightdresses, pajamas and robes for the snow queen.

Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Collection

So Vanilla night&day is a story about feminine and sensual women, who want to be adored and feel unique. Each piece is a work of art made of the best viscose and the most beautiful lace. This is the work of art that has helped to make Vanilla women feel magical and beautiful every single day. Because Vanilla night&day celebrates femininity and allows Women to live happily ever after.

Wholesale Questions about the Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Collection?

Contact: Katarzyna Pastwa & Molly Rosenthal
Email: and

Phone: (347) 816-8922

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2 Comments on “Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Collection

  1. Avatar Bob Devine says:

    Hi Katarzyna Pastwa or Molly Rosenthal,

    Whomever is your USA Sales contact, I am very interested in selling your Products.

    Do you Stock your products in the United States?

    If so who would be my contact? Your lingerie is wonderful and I would like to figure out a way to do business. In addition do you drop ship products directly to the consumer? Many of the Suppliers are now starting to do this with the huge demand of the Internet Retail Sales in the USA (ie Amazon, Target, Macy’s…etc)

    Please let me know. In addition we would always be a cash customer and never need credit. Hopefully we can figure out a way to do business in 2017.

    One of our online “Stores” is called “Romantically Sweet Boutique”. does Fundraising in all 50 States and we signed up 120,000 people to our Fundraising Program in the first 30 days. 70% of our Buyers are female…”Moms” supporting their causes. Fundraisers are for Cancer Groups, Faith Based Organizations (Churches) and Schools in all 50 States.

    Please let us know and have a Happy New Year!

    Thank You

    Bob Devine

    PS: Your Gmail Account posted at your website did not work for me. Kasia email did work for me.

  2. The Vanilla Night & Day AW17 Collection looks absolutely stunning. Perfect lingerie for Valentine’s Day.

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