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Earlier this year, Treacle of launched her Social Media eCourse. We wanted to make sure everyone got the news and had a chance to learn more about it so we sat down with Treacle for a video interview to talk a little bit more about her Social Media eCourse:

TLJ: Hi this is Luis with the Lingerie Journal and I’m here with Treacle the founder of the Lingerie Addict and she’s joining us via Skype all the way from Seattle. Thanks for jointing us!

Treacle: Absolutely. Thanks for meeting with me!

TLJ: Of course, of course. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about your social media eCourse that came out recently. And I know a lot of people were really excited about it, a lot of people have signed up and a lot of people have been using your tips and advice to really great results.

So what I wanted to do was really do this video is to inform our readers who might have missed the story to take advantage of it. I’m hoping you can tell us a little bit about what your social media eCourse is all about.

Treacle: Ok. Absolutely! It’s a four week eClass that’s all about Facebook for lingerie businesses and the reason I started it was because we all know that Facebook is the really big deal in social media right now. I think they have over 700 million users. So major, major. And I really believe that you should go where your customers are.

And Facebook has a lot of potential customers. When I’ve been doing consults with business and been talking with other people, for example, from the independent lingerie professionals group, a lot of them will say, “We don’t know how to use Facebook. We don’t know what to do with it. We see people with pretty Facebook pages. They have huge budgets and we don’t so how do we compete?”

So that Facebook eClass is just about giving people in the lingerie industry really clear, actionable, easy-to-use and inexpensive steps so that they can create a professional Facebook page and a forum to interact with their fans.

TLJ: What I really like about your classes is that they can be used by anyone in the industry. From the retailer to the lingerie designer just starting out to the bigger brands. It’s really solid advice.

I think the key words are “Actionable Advice” that you can put into use which is really great.

Treacle: I’m glad you like it!

TLJ: And viewers watching this that want to get more info or want to sign up what’s the best place for us to point them to.

Treacle: What I can do is I can give you a link to attach to this video. I’ll give you the link to this.


Treacle: They just pop in their email address and the classes go straight to your email address.

TLJ: And it’s pretty simple. After that, they don’t have to do anything except wait for your email. And what kind of feedback did you get?

Treacle: We have about 200 sign ups right now. I’ve gotten amazing feedback from people who are just “Thank you” Because I know when I was working on my Facebook page. My Facebook page is only about a year old. But when I started it last year and when I was looking for apps to put in and for ways to make it pretty, talking to various social media firms, I was getting some really crazy price quotes. $1000 for a custom welcome page. $1000 for this here thing and that’s just ridiculous.

TLJ: And going back to that quote that you got for a custom welcome page is insane because as you point out in your course and anyone that signs up for your course will see how easy it is to do. THere isn’t much to it. You just need to install some basic items on your Facebook page and put in a little bit of work, learn some basic html and you’re good to go. Especially if you have you’re own images. It’s good to know that you don’t have to pay $1000.

With this social media eCourse, it’s gotten a lot of good response. Could you talk about, if you can, what you might have in store later on.

Treacle: Ok, What I plan on doing later this year is gathering an entire book about Facebook for lingerie businesses. There’s a lot of stuff, there’s only so much you can talk about in a single class. People are busy. So the plan I have, hopefully, around christmas is getting out a book about Facebook for lingerie businesses. We’ll get into Facebook ads, how to maximize Facebook ads, things like that.

I feel like when it comes to the lingerie industry Social Media is the big equalizer. Everyone has the same Facebook page, everyone has the same access to the same Facebook apps. It’s the same for Twitter, the same for YouTube.

So when you’re talking about business that don’t have huge marketing departments or huge PR departments social media is a way to level the playing field for us.

TLJ: Looking forward to it!

TLJ: I just wanted to switch gears and talk a little bit about your blog and website. One and the same. I want to give an opportunity to our readers who might not have seen your site is talk a little bit about your background, what your doing with your site and let them know a little bit more.

Treacle: Yeah, my blog is the Lingerie Addict. It started out as the Stockings Addict for people who have known me for more than a year. For the past three months, it’s been ranked the number one lingerie blog in the world.

TLJ: Congratulations!

Treacle: Thank you!

Treacle: My background. A lot of people are surprised to find out that I don’t have a background in the lingerie industry. I don’t have a background in fashion. I don’t have a background in PR or media. I started off writing my blog as a regular chic who was interested in lingerie. I didn’t know how to buy it. I didn’t know what to look for. I didn’t even know how to start shopping about it.

So I started writing really reviews of things I was buying. Kind of my process of how I started to shop for lingerie. And that attracted a lot of other people who were in the same boat. They didn’t come from fashion or PR or whatever. And they didn’t trust some of the other reviews they were getting on other lingerie sites because a lot of lingerie blogs are run by businesses and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But coming as someone completely outside of the industry a lot of readers felt that they could trust what I had to say because I didn’t have any stake in any particular business. Right now I get over 100,000 page views a month, over 35,000 unique visitors per month and brining in a few new columnists. That’s really excited. To get fresh perspectives on the blog. I feel that it’s really important that my blog speak to women of all kinds. So that the content can keep fresh and relevant.

TLJ: I want to make sure we point them in the direction of your website, it’s

Treacle: And I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, and YouTube.

TLJ: Treacle, thank you again for joining us!

Treacle: Thank you, Luis!

The Lingerie Journal Interviews Treacle of the Lingerie Addict

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  1. This is just great! Not only is Treacle’s ecourse a wonderful asset to the lingerie community, but your warm and accessible interview format makes this a really engaging piece. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Panty Buns says:

    Treacle is being modest with respect to her background. I have been following her blogs for quite a while and viewing the videos she has uploaded to YouTube as well. Treacle’s lingerie expertise has evolved from her great love of lingerie and her addiction to it. Her interest (addiction to), desire to learn about, and to investigate as much as she could about every aspect of lingerie and her ability to convey that which she has learned are making her a legend. I believe Treacle and I share a common interest in retro and pinup lingerie in addition to loving to experience the feel and look of all the wonderful fabrics fine lingerie is made of. The interviews she has done on corsetry have been fascinating as well. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to and watching your interview of Treacle.

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