Vieandsomn Organic Sleepwear


Vieandsomn is an organic sleepwear company dedicated to helping women gain a better night’s rest in the most natural of means possible. The name is derived from French and Latin and translates as “life and sleep.”


The company was founded in 2009 by Liz Gamal, a self-professed comfort lover and believer in the power of natural solutions. After one of many trips to visit her husband’s home country of Egypt, Vieandsomn took shape as Liz was introduced to organic farming and the benefits of fair trade practices.

Vieandsomn is a socially and ecologically conscious business committed to organically grown materials, promotion of renewables and reduction of waste production, community impact, and commitment to fair and ethical labor practices. All the pieces in the collection are constructed of 100% certified organic Peruvian cotton.


The company’s mantra is feel, fit, function. All the sleepwear designs pay close attention to detail and are crafted specially to make women feel beautiful while being comfortable. While the shapes are simple and the color palette stays monochrome the overall effect is graceful and elegant.


It is Liz Gamal’s goal to reduce the number of chemicals we encounter in our daily lives and help promote sustainable living practices. Vieandsomn proves that you do not have to choose between the world’s well-being and your own.

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