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VienneMilano launched an updated version of their website along with new styles, patterns and textures.

What’s New

VienneMilano‘s Permanent Collection includes pieces (currently six), which have consistently been our customers’ favorites and our best sellers. Permanent Collection pieces are available every year, in every season, and will be priced at $29.95 per pair (MSRP).

VienneMilano is also introducing a Signature Collection, which will feature fashion-forward, eccentric, and often colorful pieces. Signature Collection pieces are normally one-offs and priced from $29.95 up to $69.95.

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Website: Relaunched

About VienneMilano
VienneMilano is a woman-owned, small American business. Since we operate without any fancy overhead, we’re much more affordable than other luxury hosiery brands.

All of our products are made in Italy. For hosiery and indeed all things fashion, Italy is the world’s capital: the best materials, the finest craftsmanship, and the greatest experience is there. And we want to bring the best to our customers, without compromise or borders. Plus, Italy is forever romantic and oh-so-fabulous!

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