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“Vixen & Fox is my platform to speak to women.” — Katie Lang, Founder and Creative Director, Vixen & Fox

Katie Lang’s first bra memory is that of a baby pink bra and brief ensemble that her mother bought for her when she was eleven years old. Little did she know that eighteen years later she would be designing her own.

Growing up in Australia, sports, music, and the arts were Katie’s preferred activities and as a restless young adult, she quickly realized that in order to fulfill her insatiable curiosity she needed to put her ideas into motion. “Designing lingerie was a spontaneous decision that grew out of a need to create,” explains Katie. “Vixen & Fox is my platform to speak to women.”

Vixen and Fox

Sometimes the best way to learn is to just jump in. And that’s exactly what Katie did when she launched Vixen & Fox, two years ago. Without any formal fashion or design training, Katie set about learning how to make lingerie. Despite a steep learning curve and several costly obstacles, Katie persevered, undaunted and unyielding.

Her first capsule collection, Fox Spirit, reflects an uninhibited confidence through strong use of geometrical shapes, angles and strategic color blocking in Tuscan Red and Catalina Blue. With a love for bralettes, Katie adds an architectural quality to this must-have fashion trend that has changed the landscape of the lingerie industry and our wardrobes.

Vixen and Fox

In fact, the bralette is in such demand that Katie is introducing two more collections within the next six months: Sesh, a small capsule collection with a sport-styled bralette and coordinating brief or v-string available in a simple palette of black and white that will be available at the end of November; and Deco, a collection inspired by the geometric and stylized symmetry of Art Deco that will come out early next year.

Privileging Italian fabrics and metallic fasteners, Deco reveals a maturity and sophistication in both style and design. Unexpected cut outs, mesh panels, and matte gold rings and slides create a modern architecture for the body.

Vixen and Fox Swift Fox Bralette in Tuscan Red

“My designs are only slightly guided by trends, the rest is guided by my inner intuition around what I think women would love to wear.” — Katie Lang

Aligning all the different elements and myriad details requires patience, precision, and a tightly coordinated production schedule. “Seeing all the elements come together in the final product is definitely the most exhilarating part of the design process,” says Katie, “but it is also the most challenging.”

Selling directly to the consumer, Vixen & Fox has developed its business model to include lingerie and lifestyle retailers. With big dreams and an invested team of experts to help guide her vision, Katie plans to introduce Vixen & Fox at CURVENEWYORK in the very near future.

The Lingerie Journal had a chance to speak with Katie about her creative process, inspiration, and goals.

Katie, where do you work?

I live in Erksineville, Sydney in a lovely apartment overlooking a beautiful garden. It’s a quiet urban suburb just ten minutes from the Sydney central business district.

Vixen and Fox lingerie

What are your views on the lingerie industry and Vixen & Fox’s relationship to its ideology?

I’ve noticed an increased interest in bralettes and soft cup bras. I have designed my pieces with this in mind but even before knowing it was a ‘trend’, I always wanted to create comfortable designs that could be worn all day. 

What have been some of the major influences on your work, regarding both ideology and design?

I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing, I prefer not to follow trends. My designs are only slightly guided by trends, the rest is guided by my inner intuition around what I think women would love to wear.

What’s your favorite way to wear a bralette?
Under a sheer top.

Vixen and Fox Artic Fox T Back Bralette back view

Have you changed how you wear lingerie now that you are designing it?
I am a bit more adventurous with how I wear my lingerie now that I design it. I love wearing the bralettes under blazer, just slightly showing. 

What three words come to mind when you think of of Vixen & Fox?
Sophisticated, Elegant and Chic.

Vixen and Fox logo

Tell us about the ampersand in your logo.
The ampersand represents the female fox (the Vixen) and the other tail the male fox (the Fox is also known as a Dog, but Fox sounded better.) The name was created with Ying and Yang in mind. I want the brand to represent ‘balance’ —balance in style, design and ultimately promote a balanced lifestyle — because we know that’s when we’re ultimately our happiest, when we have balance in our life. 

Where do you see Vixen & Fox in five years?

I see Vixen & Fox being a well-known brand in the lingerie market, worldwide — a brand known for it’s integrity, high standards and strong desire to inspire women around the world. 

Daring yet restrained, understated yet striking, Vixen & Fox, is well on its way into our hearts and lifestyles.

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