Wade & Belle Review

Wade & Belle Review

Products reviewed were sent to me by Wade and Belle at no charge. All the opinions are my own.

When I first read about Wade and Belle, the concept of the Not Too Tights caught my attention. Tights are the kind of piece that you love – they can transform a whole outfit and keep you warm on colder days – but hate, since they can be really uncomfortable. No matter what size you are, tights will always create an indentation on your body, making it difficult to wear some clothes over it. Or at least that is how it was.

Ilissa and Dorian Howard faced the same problems with their clothing, so after years of hacking the tights with scissors, they got professional. That is when the sisters created Wade and Belle, with three models of tights to choose from and one promise: they would lay flat on the body, creating seamless lines under the garments and keeping the body’s midsection as smooth as it gets.

Wade & Belle Review

Besides, a pair retails for $20, being an affordable option for those wanting comfort. The team invited me to try on the tights and tell The Lingerie Journal readers my opinion on the concept, so they sent me a box with the models so that I could test if the tights did their job. And I can already tell you that yes, they did.

As soon as the box with the three models arrived I rushed to turn on the air-conditioner and try them on (as we are approaching summer in Rio, AC is a must-have!). My first impression came when I looked at them: they seemed too small. The one-size tag meant they would fit women from 5’ to 6’ and 100lbs. to 185lbs, and I fall on this category, so they had to fit me… and as soon as I put the first pair on I discovered that they did fit perfectly.

Wade & Belle Review

It felt good. The sensation of having the Not Too Tights on was that I had shapewear on. Although the pieces are not made for shaping, they lie on your body in a great way and keep you smooth from waist down without being too tight anywhere. I assume that this makes them invisible under clothing, which is what I expect from good tights.

I really loved the products. The Opaque and Diamond models, with a 120 denier, are beautiful and comfortable and will surely keep me warm and elegant whenever I may need. The Polka-dots, with a 40 denier, it’s the amusing option – fits my style and will complement any outfit for a dash of fun. Although it’s denier is only 40, the material is really resistant and I felt confident enough to wear them everywhere without the fear of having them ripped without reason.

I think it’s clear, but I must state: I will be wearing Wade & Belle from now on, rocking my Not Too Tights and feeling confident and smooth all day.

More information on Wade & Belle:

Contact: Dori Howard
E-mail: dori@wadeandbelle.com
Phone: 310-691-3000
Website: http://www.wadeandbelle.com

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