White Rabbit New York

White Rabbit New York

White Rabbit NY is a women’s intimates brand that empowers women to make smarter purchases by helping them know their fabrics.”

by Otaymah Bonds

Otaymah is author of the Glamour Gladiator and CEO of Eternal Women Inc, an Image Consulting company. She can be found trying to find great veggie cheese or at the spa.

White Rabbit NY (WRNY) sprang up as an answer to the working woman’s need for efficient underthings. While not relative in terms of rushed movement, WRNY is similar in its determined need to help every woman capture the moment and create articles of clothing that would help her to move about freely and unencumbered, all while going about her busy day, albeit life.

White Rabbit New York

White Rabbit NY has definitely made excellent use of pointed focus. This is where innovation comes into play: The fabrics that are utilized alone are utterly revolutionary! WRNY has gone beyond the mere typical in its quest to serve womankind with the perfect breathable fabric, and industrial strength lace. Can both these feats be accomplished within one company? The Lingerie Journal reviewers answer with a resounding YES!

Instead of the typically and oft used cotton, WRNY is the crux of innovation, applying state of the art textile techniques to, wait for it… Bamboo! Who knew that bamboo would be deployed to make the most breathable, movable fabric, while simultaneously bringing forth the softest and lightest underwear? Well, now you know! WRNY also changed the game when discussing lace.

White Rabbit New York

“We focus on finding the very best fabrics to create the most comfortable intimates for your everyday life.” – White Rabbit NY.

There is nothing like having a beautifully coordinated outfit including intimate apparel, getting through a quarter of the evening, only to have the lace rip. Or, the lace being torn to shreds after the first machine wash; no matter how delegate the cycle. White Rabbit NY researchers did not stop until they came up with the stretchiest and most durable lace EVER.

White Rabbit New York

The Rabbit of the Big Apple does all this while still doing its share for women’s empowerment. Not only are the women of the world served faithfully with body loving gear, WRNY has a program for women called Fabrica Social where they work with women to gain artistic skills and become competent business women. So every purchase that is made is helping the women of Hidalgo, Mexico better themselves, their communities, and thus the world.

White Rabbit New York Gift Set White Rabbit New York Gift Set

It is easy to label White Rabbit NY as the minimalist lingerie brand. The customer service is ever courteous and extraordinarily fast in its response. And after all, even the packaging is oh so compact: delivered straight to your door in compact individual envelopes with clear labels. White Rabbit is not minimalist. Nay, do not be fooled by the concise NY exterior. White Rabbit is efficiency, at its best.

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Email: mariana@whiterabbitny.com
Website: www.whiterabbitny.com

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