Why Customers Love Bumbrella’s Panty-Slip


“I love the Bumbrellas I own and cannot travel without them; I wear them under tunics and cover-ups to turn a swim look into a casual outfit. I work in the accessory business and this is one of the best accessories I own!” —Darby Vinciguerra

The ingeniously-named Bumbrella is an innovative, 2-in-1 panty slip. With a brief or thong built right into the skirt, it’s designed to eliminate common issues with traditional half-slips—twisting and riding up at the waist. Instead, the Bumbrella stays fixed firmly in place all day long, giving you coverage and the confidence to go about your day knowing your underwear will definitely not be on show.

Bumbrella is the type of product that suits people of all ages and from all walks of life. We spoke to four of the brand’s customers to discover how this seemingly simple panty-slip has transformed their lingerie drawers for the better.

Mary Ann Ridenour

Customers Speak Out: Why We Love Bumbrella’s Panty-Slip

Mary Ann Ridenour in South Carolina owns three Bumbrella slips which are an essential part of her wardrobe, getting worn several times a week.

“I’m 99 percent sure I first saw Bumbrella on The Today Show. I live in the South, and it’s hot. Thin, sheer dresses are a must. But so is keeping a sense of modesty and decorum – I have sons and don’t think they’d appreciate their mom running around town with a dress people could see through!

Bumbrella X-RAY

I’m in the sunlight all the time, whether it’s walking through the parking lot to the grocery store or the sidelines at a sporting event. Knowing I’m covered is one less thing to worry about. And I love the fact that an everyday woman invented them – “yea” for her!”


Ohio clothing sales associate Danielle loves her four Bumbrellas so much, she often recommends them to her customers – despite the store not stocking the brand.

Bumbrella two in one no squeeze panty slip

“The Bumbrella is such a great product, one that you don’t know you need until you have it. Every time I wear a skirt or dress, I definitely have a Bumbrella on underneath.

Although an owner of my fair share of Spanx, those are, for me, uncomfortable to wear all day long. This little Bumbrella slip is incredibly comfortable, silky and light. It feels like you have nothing on, yet you have the confidence of feeling covered and concealed. The underwear is connected to the slip so you don’t have multiple waistbands, and you don’t have to worry about your slip slipping up your waist.

I wish we sold this product [at the store I work for]. I feel it is truly a necessity in any woman’s undergarment arsenal, right alongside nipple concealers and double-sided tape.”

Darby Vinciguerra

Darby Vinciguerra lives in New Jersey. She began wearing Bumbrella slips as a gentle smoothing garment after giving birth, and never looked back.

“I first started wearing Bumbrella postpartum. It creates smooth lines and doesn’t ‘pinch’ you, and I could still wear it even after I lost the baby weight.

It’s especially helpful in the summer months—I wear Bumbrella under jersey sundresses to avoid them being see-through. Plus jersey tends to cling to the body, showing underwear lines—my Bumbrella does double duty by also ensuring no panty lines are visible.

I love the Bumbrellas I own and cannot travel without them; I wear them under tunics and cover-ups to turn a swim look into a casual outfit. I work in the accessory business and this is one of the best accessories I own!”

Bumbrella in Blue backview


Ohio-based Siri is yet another happy customer for whom Bumbrella is a daily essential. She even once called all over town trying to find a stockist, when she thought she’d forgotten to bring one along on her travels!

“Miraculously I ended up finding mine in my suitcase—I was thrilled! I pretty much wear them all the time. Occasionally I wear a full slip but otherwise, my Bumbrella. I can recall many occasions where I have constantly had to adjust a slip so it would not show or ride up. Then I discovered Bumbrella on social media. I currently own one thong and one bikini-brief style, however I have owned several more over the years. They have either been worn and worn, or replaced when my daughter absconded with them.

They are a wonderful combination of comfort and style. The perfect length, with just the right amount of control. Super-tight undergarments give me a stomach ache, but these are comfortable and sexy.”

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