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Alice Marzano, founder and designer behind intimate apparel brand Les Culottes promises that the under garments she creates will be long lasting favorites. They won’t stretch or fade in the wash—perfect for an active lifestyle. They are made to withstand adventure after adventure, which is fitting since the Les Voyageurs Collection was inspired by Marzano’s travels. What’s more, the collection looks good on, so there’s no compromising style for comfort.

Marzano’s line of inspired undergarments are made from a unique Modal fabric that is comprised of 98% pure Lenzing fiber and 2% elastane, which she says, allows Les Culottes to melt in your hand. The undergarments are silky-smooth, light and airy. They are the type of basic pieces you reach for day after day because they feel so good on.

“I prefer something to be beautiful in all its ways,” says Alice. “So, on a day-to-day basis I always try to choose something that looks like it has been made with care and love. It shows in the choice of fabric and the way it is made. When you buy something, don’t you want it to last for as long as possible? Don’t you want your money to be spent on things that are truly worth it?”

Les Culottes Les Voyageurs aereo

“When you buy something, don’t you want it to last for as long as possible? Don’t you want your money to be spent on things that are truly worth it?” –Alice Marzano

What’s more, Les Culottes passes the wash test. That means you can throw them in the spin cycle with the rest of your laundry so they can quickly get back into the clean underwear rotation—there’s no special care instructions on these tags. This is something that customers all agree is a huge draw for the collection. “We all had the experience of buying underwear in a cheap store and getting a sample back from your washing machine that looks nothing anymore like the treasure we thought we scored,” says loyal Les Culottes customer, Neeltje de Vries. “Les Culottes doesn’t surprise you in that way. The fabric and print [remains] as good as the moment you bought it.”


In July, our writer Clare Hlis reviewed the line and agrees that these durable styles are worth the investment. “You won’t have to replace them,” she says. “We don’t bat an eye at a high price tag for a gown or heels we’ll wear once, why not splurge on beautiful basics you’ll get tons of use out of?”

Les Culottes has a large following of women who are all reaching for their favorite panties days in and day out. These women have opted to invest in durable garments that last more than ten wears, favoring comfort and timeless style over quantity. We talked to these women about what made Les Culottes so special and so wearable, and their advice is inspiring.

Les Culottes

Pooja Munshi

What initially attracted you to the line?
Initially, I loved the graphics and the concept of freedom. But at that point I wasn’t sure about whether I would wear them. The fit didn’t seem my type. They were slightly conservative covering large parts of the bum, where as I was used to wearing styles more thong like.

Upon wearing them did I get hung up on them. The fabric is extremely comfortable and soft on the skin. In fact, even though the shape is not something I’d gravitate to immediately, Les Culottes became the first thing I looked for in my drawer when hunting for the day’s underwear!

How do they stand up to other brands you currently favor, or have favored in the past?
For me underwear before this was either too sexy or drab. Les Culottes makes me comfortable, and sexy in a different way, meaning how it feels to the skin.

How does Les Culottes fit into your lifestyle?
I work and play long hours so it works well. I love their graphics and fabric and would love if they came out with new shapes. Often times as much as I’d love to wear them for sports, I prefer a slightly slimmer cut.

Cristina Rovere

What initially attracted you to the line?
I’m all about comfort. Easy, soft and simple. I love the option of having a design and also a simple version. It’s nice to switch it up!

How would you describe their quality?
Irresistible. The kind of undies you pick first out of the drawer! Incredibly soft, super comfortable and they fit just right.

How do they stand up to other brands you have favored in the past?
They last over and over. They don’t go funny after one wash—they get better as time goes on. They work under every item of clothing, every day of the week. They’re cute but also sexy, and there is no lack of comfort—ever.

How does Les Culottes fit into your lifestyle?

They’re my go-to’s! If I’m traveling, they’re my item of choice. Whether you’re looking for something easy, something comfortable and also just something reliable, these are the ones to pick.

Neeltje de Vries

How would you describe the quality of the brand?
Very good. Normally when you buy something, the softness fades and the fabric gets hard after washing it, but these don’t.

How do they stand up to other brands have favored in the past?
The softness stands out, particularly. I also like the graphics on them. I like womens underwear, but women feel different every day. Like Freud said, we have several personalities that we dress for every day, depending on how we feel that day. This one for me represents the feminine’s warrior

Can you tell me a bit more details about your day-to-day activity and how Les Culottes fit into it? How do these undergarments help keep you comfortable all day long?

I’m a photographer, so I’m bending and stretching in strange angels all the time, looking for the best shot. So when I’m in a shoot I need to be flexible. Wearing clothes or underwear for that matter, shouldn’t be tight, or in my way. I don’t want to notice them.

Les Culottes Les Voyageurs Columbus

Clare Hlis

How would you describe their quality?
I’ve had my Les Culottes about six months now, and no matter how many times I wear or wash them they really hold their shape and look as good as the day I got them! The elastic doesn’t stretch out, the fabric doesn’t pill, you can tell high-quality materials were used here.

How do you feel when you’re wearing a higher quality, better-made garment?
In this case, I feel absolute comfort. The fabric breathes so well you forget you’re wearing undies at all. I wear my Les Culottes most to sleep in, the super-soft Modal fabric is perfect for lounging, and the elastic never feels tight or uncomfortable. The fit is easy yet stays in place.

Why is it worth investing in these pieces?
Probably TMI but ladies it’s worth it for your feminine hygiene health! Breathable fabrics are the only kind of undies you should be wearing all day. Do yourself and your body a favor.

Jony Van Hees

How does Les Culottes fit into your lifestyle?
I’m someone who is active. I go to the gym four times a week, try to surf now and then if there are any good waves around and bicycle everywhere in the city. I need panties that don’t ride up and annoy me all the time. They have to be practical but also nice looking at the same time. Les Culottes has both and that’s why like them so much. They stand up pretty well to sweat and movement!

How did these garments stack up to others in your top drawer?
They replaced my basic cotton, but also my good looking undies. They look nice but also feel nice and stay in place. They stay in good condition, so I don’t have to treat them differently than the rest of my garments.

Often basic undergarments can be treated as an after-thought. Why spend money on something that’s on the inside? But customers already know that the comfort and durability that these styles deliver does, in fact, shine through.

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