Wings Intimates CURVENEWYORK Debut

Wings Intimates makes its CURVENEWYORK debut from August 6 - 8, 2017, stand #438.

Wings Intimates was launched because we believe ‘Every woman needs her Wings.’” - Azita Yaghoobian, founder.

The frenetic energy of New York City inspired Azita Yaghoobian to improve on a wardrobe’s most basics foundation — the panty.

Her brand’s unique “W” shaped side-opening closure is designed to help women change in and out of a pair of her brand’s panties without stripping off pants and shoes. On the go? No problem, assures the brand. Wings panties are packaged in a pouch that easily fits in a back pocket, purse or travel bag.

Wings Intimates

“Go right from day into night, without the frustration of having to take everything off, and get ready in a flash!” exclaims Wing’s website. “With your Wings you will be ready in a cinch without the hassle.”

Wings Intimates collections features three styles of panties: Brazilian Cut, Bikini, and Thong (all available in sizes Small, Medium and Large). Colors include basic white, black and red and also Blush in some styles.

There are currently four ranges — Monarch, Pearly Eye, Willow and Mariposa — made with lace, cotton and spandex.

Wings Intimates

Wings Intimates Origin

While New York helped shape some of Wings Intimates origins, Azita also credits key life experiences in helping her develop her brand.

“During the winters of my college years on Long Island, I remember struggling to change in my car, when going from classes out to the city for a night on the town and always thought there has to be an easier way than this.” said Azita. “Later on, as a mother, undergoing a c-section delivery of my twins and a long and difficult recovery period, one of the hardest tasks for me was bending down.”

Wings Intimates

“The goal is to empower and enhance women’s lives in all different circumstances.” - Azita Yaghoobian.

“There were times I would ask my husband to change my undies for me to avoid the agony of bending down. I remember thinking again, there must be a better way. Then, watching my daughter go through her teenage years, at times needing a quick change of panties at school or at a sports event, I couldn’t help but think… I wish there was an easier way than having to take everything off just to change her underwear. That’s when I had my first light bulb moment!”

After that, Azita starting designing and prototyping. Through research, trial-and-error and refining of design, Azita created the “W” shaped side-opening closure for her collection. Finally, in December 2016, with the help of her daughter and a life-long friend, Wings Intimates was launched.

See Wings Intimates at CURVENEWYORK

Now, Azita’s next big project is showcasing the brand to retail buyers at CURVENEWYORK from August 6 - 8, 2017 at Jacob Javits Center, stand #438.

“Being a new brand, we wanted to showcase our product in the most reputable and established trade show in women’s lingerie and undergarments. With that in mind, all our research pointed to CURVENEWYORK. It was the obvious choice in deciding where we can get the most exposure and launch our brand to buyers.”

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