Wolford AW14/15 Lingerie Collection

Wolford AW1415

“The main theme of the [Wolford] lingerie collection is the enhancing of the female form and comprises several garments designed to give a svelte silhouette under any outfit.”

by Michelle Broomes

Usually known for its high spec hosiery and classic, feminine Ready-to-Wear (RTW) pieces with timeless appeal, legwear company Wolford has shown that it’s also a strong contender when it comes to lingerie.

The company’s best bits of AW14/15 went on display at London’s chic Marylebone Hotel on April 2, 2014 and amongst the collections was a beautiful array of functional but appealing underwear of which it can be quite proud.

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Above: Wolford’s Press Day. Photo by Michelle Broomes.

The main theme of the lingerie collection is the enhancing of the female form and comprises several garments designed to give a svelte silhouette under any outfit.


“This A/W, the lingerie collection has been refocused on shape and control,” says PR, Marketing and Social Media Manager of Wolford, London, Sidonie Goldman, regarding the alluring assortment. “Pieces are beautiful with great functionality. From control skirts to dresses, all our pieces are there to flatter and enhance the body, making the wearer feel comfortable, empowered and in control.”


Goldman expressed that Wolford is especially proud of its luxurious sheer touch shapewear product which is silky smooth to the touch with a delicate appearance but provides what she deems as “amazing” control for the wearer.

Customers will have the opportunity to choose from a number of light to firm control garments which include thongs, high-waist briefs, panty shorts, forming dresses and skirts and bodies. Matching bras accompany the collection, enhancing its desirability with such key pieces.

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Colours supplied make daily wear possible and are inclusive of black and nudes as well as rose pink and deep cobalt blue which are great alternatives to the former shades and will, undoubtedly, enhance any wardrobe.

With versatility at the heart of the collection, Wolford’s lingerie range provides a delicately crafted yet robust tier to the Wolford brand and is a pleasing accompaniment to the RTW and hosiery collections.


Some eye-catching pieces of Wolford’s legwear and RTW collections which were also flaunted at the Marylebone, displayed the company’s love of ageless pieces like pencil skirts and button up cardigans and, of course, its beautiful and enduring hosiery collection.

Wolford Hosiery

Above: Wolford legwear on display. Photo by Michelle Broomes.

Legwear for A/W will continue to tout mainly spins on traditional black but with striking features like tromp l’oeil, Swarovski elements and bejewelled design.

We can also eagerly look forward to one of the company’s latest innovations in legwear, the Pure 50 tights, which promises not only that distinctive Wolford quality and fit but also to be virtually invisible under the most form-fitting of clothing. So then, bodycon dresses at the ready.

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