Wonderform Intimates Delicate Lace Bralette

Wonderform intimates Bralette

“If you’re at home on weekend and don’t want to wear uncomfortable bra, it’s nice to have [a bralette] option.” – Amanda Petriello.

You love bralettes — but let’s face it — they are not known to have the best support. For this reason, many feel that you have to be a certain shape or size to wear one. Amanda Petriello, director of product development and marketing for Wonderform Intimates had her own issues finding a style that fit her well. “I couldn’t fit into standard sizing,” she says. “The band would be too big and the cups always too small. It’s like a bathing suit top, it’s hard to find the right size.” She decided it was time to end the stigma and introduce to the market a better bralette.

Wonderform Intimates Delicate Lace Bralette

Wonderform Intimates’ Delicate Lace Bralette is the solution to ill-fitting styles that offer little support. This bralette comes in cup sizes A through DD, rather than the standard small through large size range. “You have to be proportionate to fit into those sizes and a lot of women aren’t,” says Petriello. “When we developed our bralette it was important to do it by cup sizes so more women could fit into it.”

Additionally, the lace bra is lined with mesh. This creates more structure in the cups and provides better support, while keeping the beauty of the floral lace pattern intact. It also features adjustable straps and soft back hook and eye closure for all day long comfort.

Wonderform Intimates Delicate Lace Bralette

Now anyone can wear a bralette. This style is designed to fit a wider range of women, and Petriello says they usually fall within the range of 20 to 30 years old. “I find it skews to the younger side,” she says. “Those women, in their 20s and up to their early 30s, are ones that like a little added support, compared to someone using it just for fashion.”

Fashion, however, is still a main component to the bra’s design. This style has a very classic styling. It features a delicate floral lace that Petriello says can easily be shown off when worn under low cut tops. “When we created the bra we tested how low to go in the middle,” Petriello says. “That was something that we played with. It’s not too high cut or too low cut.” She says that this is a nice feature for women who want it to show it off under a loose top.

Petriello adds that peek-a-boo bras may have started the bralette trend, but it is the comfort factor that has helped continue their popularity, particularly in the spring and summer months when looser shirts and tops are being worn more frequently.

Wonderform Intimates Delicate Lace Bralette

The feedback from customers has all been positive, says Petriello. “Our customers love the way it fits,” she says. “Many are surprised when they get it. ‘Wow, it actually fits,’ is what many of them say.” In her experience, many women settle for poorly fitting bras. “They say, ‘I’ll keep it even though it’s not the best fitting,’ or ‘It’s not meant to support so that’s ok.’”

Petriello is also a fan of the bralette. “I’m not super small and I will wear mine out,” she says. “If you’re at home on weekend and don’t want to wear uncomfortable bra, it’s nice to have that option.”

Wonderform Intimates Delicate Lace Bralette

The company worked with social media influencers and received similar feedback. “We sent one to a blogger [Alexandra Grant] and she is a hard size to find a bralette in,” says Petriello. “She took the time to talk about it and tell her followers how happy she was to find this bralette. Hearing testimony like that validates the reason why we made it.”

Wonderform Intimates sells their collection online. They have fitting guidelines customers can reference, and are also available via phone, email or chat to speak with customers. The site also has free returns if a product or style doesn’t fit.

The bra is currently available in black, white and nude and retails for 16.50 US dollars.

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