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Wonderform Intimates Gorgeous Front-Closure Lace Bra

Above: Wonderform Intimates Gorgeous Front-Closure Lace Bra.

Do you constantly refresh your favorite sites waiting for a sale, but still get stuck with the bra you want, but in a shade of pea green no one wanted?

If this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. Everyone wants a deal, but that often means sacrificing your preferences. Enter Wonderform Intimates, a Montreal-based line of everyday affordable quality intimate apparel. With U.S. prices averaging around $19.50 for a bra, women can shop at ease knowing they are getting the best quality and price without sacrificing the style they want.

Wonderforms Intimates Fearless Strapless Multiway Bra

Above: the Fearless Strapless Multiway Bra. Wonderforms is currently offering 25% off this style and others for Valentine’s Day (2018)!

It’s likely that you are already familiar with the Wonderform’s quality and style. “You’ve probably worn our bras before but don’t know it,” jokes Amanda Petriello, director of product development and marketing. Before the launch of its own online brand in 2016, Wonderform Intimates was know as a leading private label manufacturer.

Wonderform Intimates Unforgettable Strappy Balconette Bra

Above: Unforgettable Strappy Balconette Bra.

The company was originally founded in 1949 and has a long history of producing affordable quality lingerie. In 1990, Amanda’s dad, Gerry Petriello, took over the company and grew the private label business.

Introducing the Wonderforms brand to consumers was the next natural step for the company, says Petriello, and an ecommerce site became the clear answer to the changing market. “When I joined at the end of 2014 we were still focusing on private label,” she says. “I said, ‘How can we diversify the company and grow something new?’”

Wonderform Intimates Amanda Petriello examining garments

Above: Amanda Petriello.

Petriello’s youth lent a new perspective to the company. She had an MBA and years of experience in product development, having worked with a toy company prior to joining Wonderform Intimates. “I looked at industry trend towards online,” she says. “Brick-and-mortar stores were closing their doors and we saw a shift towards online happening.”

Wonderform Intimates Glamorous Jacquard Sweetheart Corset

Above: the Glamorous Jacquard Sweetheart Corset.

Wonderform Intimates brings to the online market a fresh line of everyday intimates at affordable prices. “We target women between the ages of 25 and 45,” says Petriello. “Women who want to feel good but don’t have much disposable income. She has a family and feels guilty spending money on herself.”

Wonderform Intimates Gerry Petriello and Amanda Petriello

Above: Gerry and Amanda Petriello at the Wonderform Intimates HQ.

The line is made up of a range of everyday basics and fashion driven styles. Some of the most popular styles include the Fearless Strapless Multi-Way Bra, which offers all day long support up to a size 38 DDD. “Everyone says that it does hold up all night,” says Petriello. “That’s because we added silicone inside the straps.” The bra also feature comfort cups, additional straps for multi-way wear and soft micro wings with supportive elastic to hold the bra in place.

The Fearless Smooth T-Shirt Bra is another bestseller for the brand. It comes in grey, nude and black in sizes up to 36 DDD. “We focus on a wide size range, as well,” adds Petriello. “Depending on the style, our bras go up to a 42 DDD. We have a wide range of sizes so we can fit a wide range of women.”

Wonderform Intimates Delicate Lace Bralette

Above: the Delicate Lace Bralette.

Wonderform’s bralettes stand out in the industry as one of the few styles that are offered in cup sizes. “This was created from my own experience,” says Petriello. “Nothing fit.” Wonderform’s bralettes are built like a traditional bra but without the wire so women don’t have to sacrifice support. The bra is available in cup sizes A through DD and features lined cups for additional support.

Social media has become a huge part of Wonderform’s marketing strategy. Petriello says that getting product into the hands of social media influencers has been a huge boon.

Petriello mentions specifically their bralette doing well with influencers. “She talked about how she finally found a bralette that fit,” Petriello says. “That resonated well with her audience.”

Wonderform Intimates Unforgettable Embroidered Full Coverage Bra

Above: Unforgettable Embroidered Full Coverage Bra.

Petriello adds that she asks customers how they heard about the company and many respond that the bloggers spoke so highly of the product that they had to try it for themselves.

While an ecommerce site does not allow you to try on the bras before purchasing them, Wonderform does offer free returns. And Petriello adds that the online model helps create return customers.

Wonderform Intimates Gorgeous Front Close Lace Bra backview

Above: back view of the Gorgeous Front Close Lace Bra and Knickers.

“When women find a brand they like they buy the same bra over and over again,” she says. “When you buy it again, do you try it on?” asks Petriello. “A lot of women don’t and there’s the added convenience of not having to go to the store as well.”

The Wonderform brand is modern and plugged into today’s consumer. But it also has a long history and many years of experience manufacturing bras.

“We know how to create and make bras,” says Petriello. “Because we have that manufacturing history and we have that hands on experience. We’ve been around to see what works, what people like and we’re making that affordable.”

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