Wrapping My Delicates in Jasmine


“Wrap your delicates in the natural romance of jasmine” — Eucalan

We’ve all been there. That point when all your favorite lingerie is dirty and you’re scrounging at the bottom of your underwear drawer with only (gasp) granny panties or plain Jane bikinis left. Lucky for me on the day when I finally ran out of lacey confections I received a package of Wrapture by Kristin Omdahl delicate wash samples from Eucalan.

The process of hand washing lingerie can seem daunting. It requires time, effort and a patience not to mangle the delicate fabrics we love so much. However, when most of the work is done for you with a no rinse wash, it becomes easy. Excited to test out the samples, I rushed to my bathroom and filled up the sink halfway and ripped open the first package of Wrapture. As soon as the sample was opened the bathroom was swathed in the lovely scent of jasmine. Not an overpowering scent, but a light sensuous perfume that put me at ease. As the water became slightly frothy with suds I took my phone out of my back pocket and set a timer for fifteen minutes. That was it. The first load of delicates was on its way to getting clean. I returned to my room and continued sorting through my underwear drawer, grouping the pieces by color. When the timer went off, I returned to the bathroom and drained the sink, carefully wrung the pieces of excess water and laid them out to dry. Once dry I picked up one of my favorite bras and gave it a quick sniff. The natural scent of jasmine wafted back at me.

“Wrapture provides an ecofriendly alternative to dry cleaning with its convenient treatment”

Eucalan was designed specifically for people like you or me, the ones with absurdly busy schedules. The beauty of the no rinse solution is that not only does it takes much of the effort out of hand washing intimates but it also provides less agitation to the fibers of the garments and ultimately results in the use of less water. Wrapture provides an ecofriendly alternative to dry cleaning with its convenient treatment, not to mention it also offers an aromatherapy treat with an alluring fragrance constructed from pure essential oils.

Wrapture Products

For those of you who simply cannot move away from machine washing, Wrapture can be used on the delicate setting for an array of garments: lingerie, silks, knits—pretty much anything you would treat with extra care.

This product is perfect for the businesswoman on the go, or any woman needing a simpler solution to their lingerie care routine. While I have seen the soaking process remove dirt and muck from the fabrics of my favorite sets right before my eyes, lingerie that is more than a little dirty will require a bit more effort to result in a pristine clean.

To find out more about Wrapture and Eucalan’s On The Go line of laundry care visit www.eucalan.com.

3 Comments on “Wrapping My Delicates in Jasmine

  1. I have regular Eucalan for my handknits, and know that kind of Eucalan contains lanolin. Lanolin great to restore the health of a wool fabric, but it can be quite an irritant to skin. I tried washing my bras in it once and had to rinse it several times with vinegar before I could wear the bras again! Does this kind contain lanolin, given that it seems to be specifically for undergarments?

    • Avatar Jennifer says:

      Thanks for your question. Yes, Wrapture does contain lanolin. The only difference from our other Eucalan choices is the essential oil of night-blooming jasmine. The amount of lanolin is very small and won’t harm your fibres but by all means you may rinse it out if you choose. If lanolin is an irritant to you it wouldn’t matter if you were washing wool, cotton or silk, we would advise not using a product with lanolin. The purpose for the lanolin is to serve as a gentle and natural fabric softener and to help keep static at bay. If you have further questions please contact us at info@eucalan.com. Thank you – Jennifer Edgar, Managing Director, Eucalan Inc.

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