Yandy Spring Bra Collection 2019

Hot. Wet. & Sticky.

Our spring vixen is reborn.

Through her sexual haze she feels fresh… erotic… in control.

Her face is flush. Her breath is heavy.

She’s glistening with new desire.

She gazes at herself through clouded eyes.

Her voluptuous lips smile.

She likes what she sees.

And she lusts for more.

Poetry, lingerie and amazing styling blend together for the Yandy Spring Bra Collection offering lingerie fanatics an incredible selection of 90 bras, panties and lingerie pieces inspired by the sultry and lush feeling of the fresh season.

Yandy Spring Bra Collection 2019 YB_YCP157076-DUS_NUDE_9_PS02252019

Who says you always need flowers for spring?

“This season we wanted to ditch the typical softness in favor of something steamier, so we launched our newest Everyday Sexy Bra 2019 spring line: the So Fresh and So Spring collection!” said Yandy’s Allyson Ayala in a recent Undressed Blog Post.

Yandy Spring Bra Collection 2019 YB_YCB37075-WHT_YCP127075-WHT_WHITE_20_PS02252019

“Our badass hair and makeup babe, Allison Pynn, gave us the slippery wet look we so desperately needed and lit our vixen up with enough highlight to challenge the summer sun. The hot and steamy images were then born thanks to our fav Brittany Gentile!”

The collection’s photoshoot was, “inspired by our Bad B!tch from Valentine’s Day, our photo team worked their sexual magic and transformed our flirty spring vixen into a luscious sex kitten. They combined pastel colors and glossy accents to give spring that ultra sexy feel, and the upcoming festival season influenced the simple styling choices.”

Yandy Spring Bra Collection 2019 YB_YCB27074-WHT_YCP127074-WHT_WHITE_30_PS02252019

Learn more about the Yandy Spring Bra Collection 2019

Website: https://www.yandy.com/everyday-sexy-spring-collection

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