Yoobies debuts Inserts and Bra at CURVE

Yoobies recently debuted their patented inflatable inserts and bra.

The inserts provide lift, cleavage and enhancement without ever weighing you down. To make them work, you simply locate the button on the side of the pad and inflate the inserts to the desired size.

Too much va-voom? Press the same button and gently squeeze for a more demure silhouette.

Yoobies Inserts come in Small, Medium, Large and Extra-large sizes.

The company also offers its own bra for use with its Yoobies inserts.

“The Yoobies Bra has perfectly placed pockets to ensure your Yoobies are always aligned for maximum lift,” said the company.

The Yoobies Bra combines molded cups with inflatable pads and are made from microfiber and Lycra.

“The straps are fully convertible to allow you to glam up by adding a pair of Swarovski crystal straps from L-straps,” added the company.

More information on Yoobies.com

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