Zhoulii AW15

Zhoulii AW15 Coco Heart Chain Blossom

“How will you wear your Zhoulii?”

Returning for its second season, Zhoulii looked once again to the designer’s heritage and was inspired by the luxury of the Ming Dynasty as seen in the classic winter blossom print and the brick stroke colour block print, inspired by traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy.

A collection filled with striking, geometric prints and timelessly seductive shapes in the same luxuriously high-quality silk satin for women around the world looking for a piece of elegance and indulgence.

Zhoulii AW15 Coco Blue 2

This season’s range of classic silk satin pieces has seen several new lines added including Coco; which epitomises timeless, androgynous style. There are sweeping satin pyjama sets which would be ideal to lounge in, sip martinis or slide between the covers. For something more extravagantly feminine turn to the Bardot line which includes a plunging silk kimono, seductive string top and slip set and a cover up which is dreamily cut to swing around your hips. Finally, there’s the Jagger line which is as stylish as the man himself. This line comprises of sexy, exotic and undefinable style.

Zhoulii AW15 Winter Blossom Zhoulii AW15 Coco

The prints are as strong and unashamed as one would expect of the designer, with sweeping strokes of earthy colours ideal to suit all skin tones. This colour palette has been inspired by the warmth and nature of Kenya; burning sun, tree trunks jutting out on the horizon, dirt tracks, the amber sand and scorched grasses which contrasts beautifully to the primary crimson, cherry tomato and navy blues of traditional Ming colouring.

Zhoulii AW15 Coco Cotton Pure

Zhoulii turned her attention to alternative fabrics this season such as Cotton Poplin featured in the Coco line and Crepe de Chine cut into a range of seductive, exotic and Oriental inspired fringed kimonos and ponchos.

Zhoulii AW15 Zenouska Zhoulii AW15 Bardot

As seen throughout the collection these shapes have been inspired by softness and hours of work involved in traditional Ming costumes, but Zhoulii delivers them in styles which are anything but ancient. The pièce de resistance is a selection of glamorous Lurex Chiffon kaftans and kimonos with anexquisite cut; wide, flowing sleeves, deep V necks and high splits.

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