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Above: Lace Chemise.

Zumruduanka is about women radiating confidence through the process of self-actualization.”

by Michelle Broomes

The great thing about lingerie exhibitions is that they unearth wonderful new talent that helps to shape the course of the lingerie industry.

Last October at Lingerie Fashion Week in New York, Turkish luxury brand Zumruduanka came to the forefront and really impressed with beautifully designed and skilfully crafted pieces.

Zumruduanka LACE ALLURE

The Zumruduanka name is poised to go global as the brand makes its way into shops around the world. Created by two sisters, Nimet and Kiymet Ulubay, Zumruduanka is a celebration and reward for women who have come to discover their own unique shade of beauty.

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Touches of romance and elegance run through the collections of lingerie, loungewear and accessories, which are fashioned from fine materials such as crystal, satin, silk, lace, pearl, feathers and accents of gold- all fitting fineries for the beautiful body a goddess.

Zumruduanka Lavender  & Lace Allure 2

The Zumruduanka woman is not afraid to show the beauty of her physique. Represented by the symbol of the mythological fire bird, the phoenix, from which the brand name is derived, Zumruduanka is about women radiating confidence through the process of self-actualization.

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As the legendary phoenix rose from the ashes in a blaze of glory, so the Zumruduanka woman rises from life’s challenges and distractions through discovering that she in her own right is a symbol of beauty and purpose. And her reward is to wear the finest of garments against her body like a second skin and adorn herself victoriously with stunning accessories.

The brand, which is based in Istanbul, falls in line with the philosophy of the Ulubay siblings – that no matter what a woman’s cultural background is that they all want the same thing- sparkle, comfort and attention. These can be found next to the Zumruduanka name.


Why not indulge in the Lace Allure collection this spring, featuring sophisticated yet sexy pieces preciously coloured in a delicate purple hue? Having been inspired by romantic lavender gardens, the Zumruduanka lace and lavender assortment is a lovely introduction to the new season. This heady combination is superb, like lace running through a lavender field, with the collection comprising bodysuit, strapless bra, chemise, lace bra, matching bottoms and garter belt. Cup sizes range from A to B and bottoms from small to extra-large.

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